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Weapons & Gadgets
Dual USG45 Match pistols.
Counterbalanced to reduce recoil, this set has been customized to hold a clip of greater capacity.
MG 10 Assault Rifle.
The MG10 assault rifle fires 10 mm rounds housed in a synthetic polymer clip. This weapon sacrifices power and accuracy for range with sustained (automatic) fire.
Sub Machine Gun.
The SMG submachine gun allows for single shots and full-automatic fire. Close range accuracy is above average for a weapon of this type and the refined design allows for ambidextrous use.
Dual shell pump shotgun fires a wide spray of ball shot capable of great damage at close range with decreasing effectiveness based on distance from target.
Multi-shot military grade grenade launcher.
Fires 40mm concussion grenades with a blast radius of approximately 15m
MK28 fragmentation grenade.
Cast iron construction with raised waffle pattern for improved  grip. Granular TNT filler provides for a ten meter blast radius.
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State of the art binoculars with included R.A.D technology allows for Remote Analysis and Display of object characteristics from up to 1200m away.


Magnetic Grapple.
A portable grappling device that replaces the standard hook with a superstrong electromagnet that can be turned on and off remotely from the base unit. 25ft of 300lb test microftfillament wire connect the two pieces.

A waterproof gadget that can tap into local maps, display mission objectives and give detailed weapon and gadget information.

Ultra-bright LED portable light source.
Kinetically charged, the PLS will shine for a limited time before shutting off to recharge.


Standard field use med kit that will replenish health when used.


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