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Tomb Raider Legend Release Chat

Andyke: Well i have a cinema wide display from apple, will the pc game support my resolution? (i havent installed it yet)
MorganGray: The PC should support a fairly high resolution depending on your vid card. I'm not sure that we tested on the Apple display, but we do support wide screen mode,s o you should be great

Ben: I mainly wanted to know about the PSP version of Legend. What extras can we expect?
MorganGray: Ah...PSP.... Well for starters there are extra costumes in that version, as well as competitive multiplayer game modes (Adhoc), so it will be the first time you have will be able to play TR against a friend
Ben: can you have shoot outs?
MorganGray: Think more like Acrobatic Archeologist races

CroftStorm: ok, I think you've done a fantastic job with the new game, but some people find it hard accepting all the big changes. Do you think that these people will grow to love Legend, or lose their faith in the series?
MorganGray: I think that we have gotten a lot of press about our "big changes", but really when you get down to it Legend is very much in the tradition of the Tomb Raider series. The gameplay advances are in keeping current with the state of gaming today. As far as the character changes and bio changes we felt that in order to really depict a well rounded character, we needed to focus on establishing the motivations that drive Lara. Toby Gard played a big role in laying down our revised Croft history, and setting up a narative that (I hope) goes beyond your typical game cliches. I think when fans play the game, they are not going to think "this is a whole new Tomb Raider", but is the sort of stuff that made me love the franchise from the beginning

j7wild: Hi Mr. Gray: is the change in Lara's Biography and History because Eidos is hoping to tie the game in with a possible TR 3 movie?
MorganGray: I somewhat spoke to that up above, but for a little more detail... The bio change and history was not part of a grand Eidos plan to tie into a new movie or book series. It was a creative choice on our part to try to establish a more complex character with Lara. As you play Legend you'll notice that a few of the key points, specifically her relationship with her Mother, play a big role in how she became the woman that she is. Toby Gard, myself, and others were adamant that we didn't want a generic game character history..that we wanted to achieve some depth so we changed a few aspects. Also, Toby, after leaving the series early, felt that there were a few things that didn't fit with his idea of the character, so they prompted some changes. I can tell you that we tried to be extremely careful with each change, and they we debated almost everything related to Lara at length to make sure we were not betraying the heart of her

kurtie: now my question is, how long will it take before we'll see tr8? did the programming already started?
MorganGray: Haha, we're barely on the shelf and you want TR8!?!? I think I must say, (puts on corporate voice), "We're very pleased with TRL, and ask all to enjoy it", Seriously, I can't comment about future projects right now. But when you beat the game you'll get a hint at what may be next

Lydia: are there any serious plot twisits in legend which we don't know about yet?
MorganGray: YES! But to give a bit more....There is a lot related to the theme of relationships...Lara and Lady Croft, Lara and Amanda, Lara and England. They all provide some unexpected turns.

moose: I guess there will be no Lara's mansion? And I know a lot of people loved to play the mansion because its a good excersize to learn the controls.
MorganGray[8:34:02 PM]: The mansion is very much in the game Moose. In fact, its pretty intricate the amount of things you can do in there, and the puzzles to solve hidden areas
CroftStorm: sticking to the mansion, I notice that there doesn't appear to be a garden anymore, if so is there a reason why you felt the mansion would be better as an indoors-only level?
MorganGray: We wanted to do more with the mansion, but time was our enemy. I also miss the garden and the obstacle course but there is always the future.... That being said, I'd be impressed if anyone solves all the hidden treats in the mansion in under an hour
Lydia: I read somewhere that there was more in the mansion then any of the other levelsMorganGray: Not more, but deeper in a way. We treated it as our pro-players paradise

Lydia: now that the game is out, are you worried about fan reaction?
MorganGray: Good question...I'm hoping people get to enjoy the game...and I'm reading all the forums!
Lydia: that must take ages
MorganGray: It does, especially when we translate the non -english forums! We have a decently international team, and we know the world loves the series, so we try to stay on top of it all

nele: i'm interested in the question if lara has a boyfriend or something
MorganGray: As for boyfriends. Lara does not have a boyfriend at the moment, you'll see when you play the game that she is a bit busy and focused on other things. As for the future...who knows....

Thrice: Hi Morgan, sorry if you hear any bitterness in this question, don't take it personally (LOL @ me getting 3, I should! Darn tootin'!)
MorganGray: Fire away (gets ready for it)
Thrice: But, this has been bothering me since E3. But why does some of the CrystalD team insist on putting down the previous Tomb Raider games? It's like your mocking and even laughing in the face of some of the fans tastes especially with AOD which I personally love so I tend to get a bit *head explodes* when something bad is said and also *head explodes* with bad comments about previous games.
MorganGray: good question. First, I love the Tomb Raider series, I went to the store and bought each one, and enjoyed them. I don't believe we ever mocked the older games, but I think it is safe to say that there were areas for improvement and evolution that needed to be addressed. As for AoD, it was not my favorite in the series, that's not to say it was a bad game, but I didn't like "Lara goes dark", lost some of the spirit of the series for me. Also, if you look on metacritic, it wasn't broadly well recieved. But we never try to mock or put down the previous games, or for that matter Core, who without them there would be no Tomb Raider. I think...people my interpet our comments ( or many of mine) as our attempts to promote our game by putting the others down....what we really wanted to do was let people know what is new about Legend so they can know its worth taking a look at. To do that, sometimes we had to compare the things we refined or evolved with previous titles in the franchise

Tipsko: I just heard that it will be released to the Nintendo DS too, and I wondered if the game will be fully 3d and can you give a hint on how you will implement the dual screen/touch screen?
MorganGray: . At the moment I can't really talk about that platform..sorry.

Mark: Some of us have already got the game, played it and LOVED it. Now I've been able to think about the long waiting, which is dead now and we can play at last! (Yay) But I have noticed that you have removed some levels shown in previous trailers, gameplay footages, etc. What happened with these levels? (i.e. Those screenshots of a tomb with Lara's blue sweater)
MorganGray: Wow. Yes, that was not a full level, but a part of our Himalayan level that we used as an initial test for our new gameplay. Along the way it didn't fit with our level goals so it went away, however Lara still has the blue sweater outfit. I'm surprised you noticed that! Good eyes!

dhama: I am a level editor freak so there is only one question from me.... will we get a level editor for legend or maybe with the next outing?
MorganGray: We have no plans to release a level editor at the moment, as for future releases, that's a possibility. However with the complexeties involved in creating TR environments it might proove to be a bit challenging, but never say never

Tipsko: it seems that the length of the storyline has been compensated by the excellent graphics. Altough the game does have a lot of replay value (I love to do the missions over to unlock goodies or to do it in time trial ) was there a reason that the game's length was shorter than the earlier games?
MorganGray: We did not have a target length, but we did want to make sure that we didn't fill the game with a lot of reptitive actions, as such we wanted to focus on a quality playthrough experience, that being said, some people seem to be taking a good deal of time to beat the game. Also, if we timed it right, more people will be able to finish the game, which is our big hope!

djz: first of all thanx for your time here and my question is has there been any challangeing or interesting developments in regards to createing lara and the world that surrounds her?
MorganGray: Many many challenges. The process of defining her look for this game was long, and caused many arguments! Basically finding out everyone's idea of what is beautiful about Lara, and then fighting over who was right. The enviroments were a challenge in terms of making them visually interesting but with good gameplay paths...also, learning how to make physics based puzzles that people could understand, and would not be easily broken was difficult
Ben: she looks hot in the bikini
MorganGray: My favorite is the TR1 costume, but I'm a fanboy that way

sermongar: Will be release soon an official patch to fix some bugs and improve Next Generation graphics in PC Version compatible with more graphics card?, and some no refelexion water about some NVIDIA cards for example, Geforce 6600GT? And when I run my game, I have to reconfigure my gamepad's buttons each time.
MorganGray: We will be releasing patches to correct the issues with some ofthe cards out there, so expect more visual goodness to arrive. The gamepad issue is unknown to me, what pad are you using?
sermongar: I'm using Logithech rumble pad 2
MorganGray: I'll look into that with our QA

CroftStorm: ok, I was wondering what one thing would you change about (or add to) the game if you could have a bit more time to work on it?
MorganGray: tough question...I would expand the mansion, add more polish ( you can never have enough polish!), and probably bring back some of the moves we didn't have time to finalize
Lydia: wow there were more?
MorganGray: There were more
CroftStorm: cool, what moves did you leave out?
MorganGray: We had a few more combat moves she could do, and a couple of additional ways to use walls to get around. I can't say too much, because, well...there's always next game....
Lydia: wall? Like in prince of persia?
MorganGray: Walls yes, Like PoP, oh no...something more!

Andyke: why can't I select NexGen, and what does it offer me
MorganGray: will be able to soon, and then things get even prettier! We have a few more graphical enhancements we'll be releasing soon, that's what that next gen option is for. We didn't want the PC fans to feel left out with all this talk about 360

kurtie: will you be able to play legend on xbox360 live?
MorganGray: There is no Live Support in terms of multiplayer in the 360
Ben: The 360 version is live aware... I wanted to know what kind of content we can expect to download in updates
MorganGray: It is live aware, but we are not talking about future content downloads per say, other than to say expect some gamer pics and themes soon

nele: is it right that if i collect artifacts in the mansion i can activate new outfits?
MorganGray: Collect artificats around the game = unlock new outfits plus a few other bonuses

SaxGuy: Morgan, is Eidos planning to release the TR franchise in Playstation 3, in the future?
MorganGray: Ah, the PS3! No comment at this time, although I can't wait to get one

SaxGuy: and Morgan, I have also question myself WHY did you consider that the biography of Lara needed a change for Tomb Raider Legend?
MorganGray: Sax Guy, I think I answered that one above

Thrice: You said you bought the other TRs. So what other game series do you like other than TR?MorganGray: Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, Madden, Falcon 4.0, Prince of Persia, Ico, Burnout, Gran Turismo, Soul Calibur, Master of Orion, Galtic Civilizations, Civilizations, Half-Life, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, Mario Party, etc. etc. etc. I liked the first Deus Ex very much, didn't really get to play the other.

SaxGuy: why have you based on the movies' mansion instead of the original one?
MorganGray: We liked the layout of the movie mansion, and it fit better with our art style. I would love the certificate to be posted on the forums Thrice
SaxGuy: Does Eidos have freedom to use elements from the movies such as the mansion, the logo, the biography and so on...?
MorganGray: We do have certain freedom to use elements from the movies, books, comics, ccg, etc.

Tipsko: Morgan, what is your most memorable moment in the previous Tomb Raider games?
MorganGray: Most memorable moment...Water fall before the T-Rex in TR1, or the level in in TR2(?) where you start in the ocean with the sharks in the distance. Best puzzle goes to Doppleganger puzzle in TR1. I broke a key on my PC during that T-Rex ground shaking moment, then learned to play using a Gravis Gamepad.

moose: I haven't seen any screenshots about big living creatures or other strange animals/things (or no humanoids ). where are all those big evil guys?
MorganGray: Moose,there are things not of this world that Lara will face.....

Lydia: oh yeah can I ask why the ropes seem to look 2D and not as good as the other environments
MorganGray: The ropes are rendered phsyics objects, so they don't take our lighting as well as the rest of the environment.

SaxGuy: Morgan, I don't if you can talk, but people from proein told me that TR8 is planned for the end of 2007. Can you confirm?
MorganGray: SaxGuy...I cannot confirm

Evan: what you can tell us abou TR special edition aniversary morgan?
MorganGray: There is a TR Special Edition Anniversary?
Thrice: For PSP
MorganGray: I thought it was for Wonder Swan?
Ben: you guys mean the 10th aniversary edition
Thrice: It had it on Eidos' interim reports from September 29thSaxGuy: yes!! for PSP, and it will be supposedly presented at the E3

MorganGray: Really? not sure what you are talking about....
MorganGray: Let's just say until you see something on the eidos page don't believe everything you read
Thrice: Even on interim reports from your own publisher?
MorganGray: Now now Thrice, now you're just digging
Thrice: LOL What is it archaeologist do? Right, DIG!
MorganGray: Haha...awesome quote

Lydia: I also managed to get lara inside some blocks in the demo, is that just a demo bug?
MorganGray: We fixed up a number of collission bugs Lydia, I saw your "goofs" pics, hopefully we got most of them
(Dhama shows a screenshot)
dhama: Any comment on it Morgan?

MorganGray: Ahh...shameful bugs! Collission bug, should be fixed in the retail game.

SaxGuy: Morgan, do you know something about Vicky Arnold, the former Tomb Raider screenplayer? What is she doing now?
MorganGray: I don't know what Vicky is up to these days...might want to check IMDB

Tipsko: Morgan, who is the voice in the main theme of the game?Not the voice actress, the singer
MorganGray: Keeley is the game voice, in the music we used different voices. I will ask Troels Fullmann for details

Thrice: Hey, I have a suggestion Morgan - in the next TR get Hudson Leick to voice someone, everyone loves Callisto from Xena happy.gif
MorganGray: Everyone does!

SaxGuy: Do you know if Toby Gard based on any real person to create Lara? And, is he really the one creator of her?
MorganGray: Toby is indeed the creator of Lara, and he was influenced by a number of things.

Evan: originally,the voice of Lara was Rachel Weisz,(in TRL)...why it was changed to Keeley?
MorganGray: Evan, Rachel Weisz was never the voice...bad rumor I'm afraid

MorganGray: It was a pleasure being here, thanks for the time!

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