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What is Tomb Raider Central?

Tomb Raider Central is a Tomb Raider Legend fan site offering up to the minute news, media and exclusives! We aim to bring you media in jaw dropping super high quality and resolution! Be sure to keep it here for everything Lara and the world of media that surrounds her!

Who’s behind it?

2 very dedicated fans, both with a big interest in the Tomb Raider series and the future of the franchise.

How long has it been around?
Tomb Raider Central has been around for over a year now. In the short period we’ve been around, Tomb Raider Central has dropped some hefty exclusives including an exclusive report on the Tomb Raider Legend demo and stupidly super high quality Lara Croft renders!

So who’s this Laurence person?

Laurence is the creator of Tomb Raider Central. With plenty of original ideas and designs, Laurence ensures to keep Tomb Raider Central fresh and funky implementing new features regularly! Laurence also helps in maintaining the site with site updates, news posting and content management.  Without Laurence Central as you see it would not exist today!

And who’s this Ben person?

Ben is the content bringer of Tomb Raider Central. He is responsible for community liaisons and his skills contribute greatly to the everyday running of the site. From sourcing exclusive content, to designing new media, Ben brings a vital ingredient to the smooth running of TR Central!