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About Us : New Features
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| Tomb Raider Central | has relaunched.
With an all new design and extended coverage, we are now ready to showcase the widest selection of Tomb Raider Media available!
We have an array of all new sections which are all designed to serve you, our visitor better. The enhanced navigation you see to the left of this breaks down each of our sprawling sections into easy to visit blocks. Want all images you can handle for Tomb Raider: Legend?

Then go ahead and click the Gallery link which takes you straight into a sub section menu ready for you to make the next call.
Our Tomb Raider Legend Artwork Gallery

We now have up to 30 images on each page meaning that you can access the one you want quicker, no scrolling through loads of pages.

The newly designed Image Viewer opens a new tab in your browser giving free movement to view the image in its original resolution, and it's even easier to download to your computer.

Tomb Raider Central Streamable Media
Movie media has now been made streamable, which means no download que's or slow file transfers. You can view the stuff you want, when you want. And of course, all media is available for high quality download via our dedicated download server at Tomb-Raider-Media.Com.

And did I mention? All our media is unmarked, we don't need to remind you where it's from, because only Tomb Raider Central gives you unrestricted content.

Our Karima Adebibe coverage surpasses anything else on the web, with images ranging from the day she first graced our screens to the very latest images promoting the upcoming Nintendo DS version of Tomb Raider: Legend.

The latest version of Tomb Raider Central encompasses everything Tomb Raider, and delivers on every level. We're always looking to expand and improve, and your feedback is always going to be important to us.

So if you're not busy, drop us an email at

Tomb Raider Central's Karima Adebibe Gallery